This is Lorena Meritano’s relationship with Ernesto Calzadilla after their separation

This is Lorena Meritano’s relationship with Ernesto Calzadilla after their separation
This is Lorena Meritano’s relationship with Ernesto Calzadilla after their separation

Lorena Meritano is one of the actresses with the longest experience in Latin America. However, she Meritano has made herself known in Colombia and on the continent with greater force because she is a figure of courage and an example of how she has faced her process and recovery from breast cancer over the years.

Lorena had to experience strong challenges due to her illness, which, as she herself has expressed with pain, took away her hair, her eyelashes and her breasts, since she had to amputate herself. In addition, she commented at the time that cancer in turn made her boyfriend of the moment, Ernesto Calzadilla, also leave.

A few years ago, Lorena Meritano posted a video, which she later deletedin which she stated that Ernesto Calzadilla had left her in the middle of her breast cancer and this sparked thousands of criticisms of the Venezuelan presenter.

Now, the woman referred to the issue and assured that she has tried to have close and friendly communication with Calzadilla, who has even written to him on important dates, but that he has not responded to a single message.

In an interview with the program I know everything, the woman said that she went through very difficult times that almost led to her death. “I got mad that they wouldn’t let me die.”

It should be said that Ernesto spoke in 2016 of his break with the Argentine actress and faced criticism, assuring that he ended the relationship, but that the disease was not decisive for his decision.

“When you end a relationship, it is because things are ending and one day the decision is made to say, now! We know that you and I cannot continue, we are not adding up, so thanks for sharing the time, follow your path and I will continue my path (…) She was already perfect and healthy for a year and she had preventive operations, which fortunately passed and is very well. I said it doesn’t go anymore for the good of both of us.

Videos | Carolina Cruz vented and confessed why she ended up with Lincoln Palomeque

Carolina Cruz, one of the main presenters of Day to day, He shared a short press release last March and confirmed that he officially separated from Lincoln Palomeque, after 12 years of dating.

“We have been working on our family for a long time to be well. We have made the healthy and powerful decision to end our relationship as a couple, to continue building as parents, friends and life partners “he specified on that occasion.

The businesswoman confessed in an interview with The Sandovals that she was not comfortable with the relationship, for which she made the decision to step aside. Likewise, she pointed out that it was an act of honesty with herself.

“There are moments in relationships, that one thinks that if he wants it to be for life with that person, but who said that it has to be like that. There is affection, respect and we will always be there for life because we have two children, but when love is transformed, it is better to step aside “he initially stated.

Then Cruz added: “I said that if I am raising good men, I must be honest with myself too, I have to look for what makes me happy, if I am happy, so are my children. I cannot be in a relationship for thinking about what they will say or in society.

The presenter of Snail Television He also took advantage of the informal dialogue with the content creators to reiterate that the relationship he has with the renowned actor is quite good. In addition, he highlighted him again as a dad.

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