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Although many presumed that he would be one of the great villains of the first season of “House of the Dragon”, the truth is that the presence of Craghas Drahar in the HBO Max series it was relatively short. With a brief appearance in the second chapter of the production, his death happened so just one episode later, in the midst of the War of the Stone Steps.

In this way, various fans of the work of George R.R. Martin They already speculate on social networks about the reasons for the rapid presence of the character played by the actor Daniel Scott-Smith in the prequel to “game of Thrones”.

then meet why Craghas Drahar died so fast on the HBO Max series “House of the Dragon”without showing his fight with Daemon Targaryen.

Craghas Drahar in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

After receiving a letter from the king Viserys I, Daemon Targaryens decided to face the army alone Craghas Drahar, before receiving help from his brother. In this way, he starred in a memorable scene as he finished off his enemies and escaped the rain of arrows that threatened to kill him.

Ultimately, he killed theCrab Benefactor” (in English: “crab feeder”) in a face-to-face fight. We know this when we see Demon dragging half of his rival’s body (head, chest and an arm) at the end of the third episode of the fiction, demonstrating his victory.

Thus, without pronouncing a line and without his death being seen on screens, Craghas Drahar he said goodbye to the series. Perhaps a disappointing decision for some viewers, who expected to see the character’s bloody demise.

The body of Craghas Drahar, who died in the third chapter of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

In accordance with ScreenRantone of the reasons why the death of Craghas Drahar it happened so fast “House of the Dragon” it was because this was just a vehicle to evidence the character development of Demon. I mean, he needed to kill the “Crab Benefactor” to prove his importance in the eyes of his older brother and the entire kingdom.

This reason would also have been the one that led the producers of the show to show many more minutes of Demon risking his life in front of the men of “crab feeder” before the death of his enemy, because, finally, he would not have greater relevance in future installments of the production.

In addition, considering all the facts that the first season of the series of HBOwhich will even include the change of four actors, it seems reasonable that the character’s presence was limited to just two chapters.

In episode 3 of
In episode 3 of “House of the Dragon”, Daemon comes out of the caves dragging the corpse of Craghas Drahar (Photo: HBO)

The book “Fire and blood” of George R.R. Martin, For its part, it also narrates the death of Craghas Drahar briefly: “When (Daemon) finally came face to face with Craghas, he killed him in single combat and severed his head with Dark Sister”it reads in the work.

This crucial episode of War of the Stone Steps It was accompanied by an illustration of the bloody event, which showed the precise moment that we did not see in the television series.

Daemon Targaryen kills Craghas Drahar in the War of the Stepping Stones (Illustration: Doug Wheatley in the book
Daemon Targaryen kills Craghas Drahar in the War of the Steps of Stone (Illustration: Doug Wheatley in the book “Fire and Blood” by George RR Martin / HarperCollins Publishing)

The Serie “House of the Dragon” (titled “the house of the dragon”, in Spanish) premiered in hbo max the August 21, 2022. Since that date, the production is available internationally on said streaming platform.

Daemon Targaryens in
Daemon Targaryen in “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

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