everything we know about the operating system for augmented reality

everything we know about the operating system for augmented reality
everything we know about the operating system for augmented reality

The most optimistic rumors place the announcement, not the launch, of Apple’s future augmented and virtual reality glasses for this same month of January. And even so, very little is known about the operating system that gives life to hardware. An operating system that will be decisive for the experience of using these glasses.

And not only for the user experience, but also for the development experience, since the purpose of launching or presenting these glasses next January, always according to rumors, is allow developers to create the necessary software for the launch to be a success. A software of which we already know several details.

What is realityOS?

We have known about the development of Apple glasses software since 2017. It is on this date that Marc Gurman referred to the operating system as realityOS or rOS. A name that, due to subsequent leaks, would fit with that of the hardware itself which we hope will receive the nomenclature of Reality One or Reality Pro, depending on the version.

The fact that has internal name “Oak”It has been in development for at least five years and, even though we do not know specific details of its appearance or operation, we can draw some conclusions from the leaks that we have been seeing.

We know, for example, that Apple is going to focus the development of this operating system on watching streaming content, making video conferences, playing games and interacting with other people. All this, according to Gurman, in a 3D environment designed specifically for each activity.

What applications will realityOS have?

Animoji Characters

We also know some of the most important applications for this operating system. One of the main ones, of course, will be FaceTime. Apple’s video call tool enters directly into the company’s glasses with the possibility of using Memojis and Animojis and with which, Thanks to SharePlay, we can share watching moviesmusic listening and more.

The Messages app would also have a lot of prominence, which, in a deferred way, would allow us to communicate with other users. Users of both the Apple ecosystem in general and the Reality One. Without forgetting the versatility of audio messages, it should be remembered that rumors suggest that Apple is working on a new version of the Messages app with chat rooms, support for video clips and much more.

The third application that would enter these Apple glasses is Maps. One that we could use to find our way around the city, visualize the routes and receive turn-by-turn directions. As for the  games, we can talk about Apple Arcade and how some of the titles are already developed for virtual reality.

What can we do with these glasses?

Screenshot 2022 11 24 At 13 43 12

Screenshot 2022 11 24 At 13 43 12

In addition to all the utilities and uses that emerge from the applications we have just seen, we must hope that Through the App Store we can greatly expand the possibilities of Reality One and Reality Pro.

Perhaps one of the most interesting types of applications is video streaming. A video that now we could enjoy in a virtual environment, for example simulating a large screen before us, and that we could see with friends and family simultaneously. Productivity or teamwork applications, special mention here to Freeform, also fit very well on this operating system and hardware.

At a time when meetings are increasingly virtual, but at the same time we want to keep the human touch, augmented or virtual reality can remove barriers and make the digital world a meeting place more on a human scale.

When will realityOS be released?

Tim Cook Apple Keynote

Tim Cook Apple Keynote

Starting from the idea that the operating system will be prior to the hardware itself, we have several scenarios. We expect Apple to present the news at a dedicated event in January 2023. It could then release the operating system, as rumors place the hardware later, or wait until WWDC in June to present it together with the other operating systems and perhaps accompanied by the first hardware.

Apple Glasses and its mystery: everything we know about Apple's augmented and virtual reality glasses

In any case, whether at the beginning of 2023 or in the middle, it seems clear that this coming year will be the decisive for Apple’s entry into the world of virtual and augmented reality. A very important change for the use of technology and our relationship with it. Something that Tim Cook has referred to on many occasions as “the next big thing”, and something that, five years from now, will lead us to wonder how we could have lived before his arrival.

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