Oppo Enco R Pro, Bluetooth headphones with more than a day of autonomy

Oppo Enco R Pro, Bluetooth headphones with more than a day of autonomy
Oppo Enco R Pro, Bluetooth headphones with more than a day of autonomy

The headphone market does not stop growing, in fact, it is the main accessory that we usually buy for our smartphones, now that it is so common to see content of all kinds anywhere thanks to streaming platforms. And among the many manufacturers that launch new models, Oppo has become one of the most prominent. On this occasion, the brand has launched a new model in China, where it has put the Oppo Enco R Pro on sale, a variant determined to improve the previous ones. Enco R launched a few months ago at the beginning of this same 2022. We are going to know all its characteristics and the price with which they are released on the market.

Technical sheet of the Oppo Enco R Pro

We are facing headphones with a fairly traditional design, with a fairly long stem, and silicone pads that fit into our ears. These pads did not come with the standard version, so that is one of their main differences. These arrive with some 12.4mm drivers, which allow you to enjoy clear and quality sound. They connect wirelessly thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 with which they count, one of the most recent standards.

Oppo Enco R Pro | Oppo

They are really complete helmets, since they do not give up many of the most desired features in one of these devices. How is the active noise cancellation as well as ambient noise cancellation. This means that it also adapts to the environment, to the noise that surrounds us, and therefore it can modulate the intensity of this noise cancellation, so that it is as natural as possible in all aspects. They are headphones that have certification IP54which makes them resistant to water splashes, for example, from the rain, or to our own sweat, so they can be a good choice when doing sports.

They are headphones that also have a low latency mode to be able to play our favorite games without noticing any delay, which is why they are ideal for this. Also, offer gestural controls thanks to a touch surface on the side, which allows us to control the reproduction of content or the volume of what we are listening to at all times. And very importantly, its battery offers great autonomy, so much so that, if we add the battery integrated in the transport case, we can enjoy up to 28 hours of playback. Of course, this calculation has been carried out with active noise cancellation deactivated.

Price of the Oppo Enco R Pro

Well, taking into account that they have active noise cancellation, of course the price with which they are released in China is quite tight. Because they are available for only 67 euros to change, an even lower price in the promotional period, staying in only 54 euros to change. Which is undoubtedly an unbeatable price for headphones with these characteristics, so advanced, and why not say it, with a design as interesting as this one.


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