LVBP: Sam Bordner discovers a new baseball in the Tiburones de La Guaira | baseball 123

LVBP: Sam Bordner discovers a new baseball in the Tiburones de La Guaira | baseball 123
LVBP: Sam Bordner discovers a new baseball in the Tiburones de La Guaira | baseball 123

Sam Bordner came out to play ball for the first time outside the borders of the United States. This experience, more than revealing, has also been a lot of experience and as he himself describes it, full of fun in a baseball that perhaps is not the same as what he is used to in his homeland.

The right-handed pitcher, a native of Columbus, Ohio, assures that the Venezuelan baseball is an experience that he had never had before. Of course, this is his first experience outside of the American ball circuit. “I’m having a lot of fun, it’s my first time playing outside of the United States. It’s a beautiful country, it’s a completely different baseball than what I’m used to. The fans here are different, it’s a great experience.” sentenced.

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In addition to a new kind of baseball, between the fans and the experiences of the game itself, it also found a family in the guairista clubhouse. “Since I arrived at the clubhouse it has been, it’s a great group of guys. They have received me in a very warm way. It has been a special feeling, because they are a group that helps me. They are incredible”, stressed.

This has helped him integrate into a different type of baseball, hand in hand with a repertoire that has responded to him. In 9.2 innings of work, “Uncle Sam” has yet to allow a run after facing 36 batters. He claims that two of his pitches are key to maintaining his dominance. “Everyone is working very well, I have always trusted my four-seamer and the cutter. They have always worked very well for me and they have been my best weapon here,” says the young American pitcher.

This performance earned him his first save in the LVBP, after keeping the Navegantes del Magallanes at bay in Valencia. Although this situation is not strange to him. “I have experience as a closer since college. It’s nothing new for me, honestly I feel very comfortable in that position in the eighth and ninth inning.” holds.

He assures that much of the experience he accumulated in the year with the Gastonia Honey Hunters in the Atlantic League, has been useful in Creole baseball. “It’s a pretty veteran-oriented league. AndIt’s a league with big names of experienced ballplayers like Brandon Phillips and Alejandro de Aza. I think it has helped me because here there are also names with a lot of experience and that has guided me to know how to face them”, assured. The salty ones found in Sam Bordner, a pitcher who has forged himself as the closer in times of pressure.

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