Insurance company document reveals that Iran smuggled gold from Venezuela


An internal document from the insurer Lloyd’s alerted the market and its managing agents about Venezuelan gold trafficking to Iran, with the aim of sustaining terrorist activities in the region. This was reported by the Argentine media infobae this Thursday, November 24, citing a report to which he had access.

The operation involves the Boeing 747-300 aircraft, registration YV-3531, which is transferred to Venezuela by Iranian airline Mahan Air. This company is sanctioned for transporting weapons, resources, equipment and personnel linked to terrorist organizations.

Argentine justice finds a threatening message on the cell phone of the pilot of the Iranian plane

It is the same Emtrasur plane that last June he was detained at the Ezeiza airport, Argentina. The one that is waiting for the Argentine Justice to respond to the request of a United States Court for its confiscation. and the one Venezuela demands its return.

The senior manager of the Financial Crimes Advisory of the international company Lloyd’s, Chris Po-Ba, wrote a report on Iran, Venezuela, Hezbollah and terrorism in the Middle East that set off alarm bells.

The Lloyd’s report, to which Infobae had exclusive access, aired on October 28, 2022 and for the following purpose:

“Inform the market about the illicit shipment of gold by the Quds Force the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah from Venezuela to Iran to raise funds for terrorist activitiesfacilitated by the sale of Iranian oil, in contravention of sanctions”.

Actors involved in gold traffic

The document details that direct flights from Caracas to Tehran (Iran) through Mahan Air are being used as an illicit channel to send gold that is later exchanged for Iranian oil. The lawful acquisition and shipment of gold from Venezuela on behalf of the IRGC Quds Force involves the following actors, designated by the Treasury Department’s Office of Assets Control (OFAC).

Iran insists on claim by Iranian crew of plane held in Argentina

Ali Kassirrepresentative of Hezbollah in Iran and designated by the US OFAC under the SDGT program (Global Sanctions Regulation against Terrorism).

Muhammad Jaafar Kassira senior Hezbollah official and US OFAC designee under the SDGT (Global Sanctions Regulations Against Terrorism) program.

Mahan Air, an Iranian airline designated by US OFAC under the following program: SDGT (Global Sanctions Regulations Against Terrorism), IFSR (-illegible- Financial Sanctions Regulations), and NPWMD (Sanctions Regulations for Proliferators of Weapons of Destruction massive).

Incidence in Latin America

infobae also explains that the Lloyd’s report reveals the growing influence of Iran in Latin America. “The fundamentalist regime of the Ayatollahs operates in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, and its illegal operations are no longer linked solely to money laundering and smuggling to finance Hezbollah in the Middle East,” he points out.

The Lloyd’s company proved that “Tehran also had a illegal gold and oil triangulation mechanism from Caracas with final destination Turkey». The objective: “to support the criminal movements of the armed wing of Iran in the region.”

The seizure of the plane in Argentina – claimed by the United States Columbia court– is key to prevent the operation revealed by Lloyd’s from being recovered by the governments of Venezuela and Iran, which in this way way they finance the terrorist activities of Hezbollah.

With information from Infobae

Writing El PitazoInternational

Writing El PitazoInternational