“Present evidence that the Historical Pact owes favors to Alexander Vega or lose all respect”

“Present evidence that the Historical Pact owes favors to Alexander Vega or lose all respect”
“Present evidence that the Historical Pact owes favors to Alexander Vega or lose all respect”

The bill that modernizes the Electoral Code not only continues to lack political support in Congress and its application for next year’s local elections looks increasingly distant, but it has also already created harsh confrontations between the members of the coalition by Gustavo Petro.

Although the initiative is led by the registrar Alexander Vega, the national government decided to support the project and also gave it an urgent message, which did not go down well in Congress.

The matter has reached such a point that the same government coalition has accused the Petro administration of wanting to do “favors” to the registrar Vega.

One of the most critical has been the representative of Alianza Verde, Catherine Juvinao, who has made harsh calls on the Government to withdraw the urgent message.

“The government of Gustavo Petro does not have to do Alex Vega any favors by sending an urgent message to the Electoral Code. Such a request must be withdrawn and allow Congress to hold a broad and calm debate in 2023,” said the congresswoman.

Juvinao went even further by asking the government for explanations as to why it so strongly supports this initiative.

“Alex Vega is a graduated politician. I do not accept in any way that a left-wing and ‘change’ government plays the game of a nefarious guy with a Dangerous and unfeasible Electoral Code. And yes, I ask the government for explanations of why they support this with an urgent message,” said the representative of Alianza Verde.

These statements, as expected, fell like a bucket of cold water in sectors of the Historical Pact, the political force of President Petro.

The reproaches against the Alianza Verde congresswoman were not long in coming: “Representative Juvinao, present evidence that the Historical Pact owes favors to Alexander Vega. We only proved that they were going to steal 4 seats from us and we recovered them,” said Senator Gustavo Bolívar, one of Petro’s main bishops.

And he issued a warning: “If you do not present evidence, we demand that you retract this slander that matches the right or lose all respect,”

Beyond this harsh discussion, the reality is that the reform of the Electoral Code has not had consensus in Congress.

In addition to the voices of opposition and independent sectors that have spoken of several inconvenient aspects of this legislative initiative, was added the letter that the representatives of the Chamber of the Historical Pact delivered to President Gustavo Petro this Wednesday, and in which they made clear their resistance to support the initiative.

In the letter that they delivered to the head of state, the congressmen of the ruling coalition affirm that “with concern” they evidenced “that the project to reform the Electoral Code, presented by the national government and processed with an urgent motion”not “is the same as that processed in the previous legislature, since several changes were introduced and more than 100 articles were added.”

With “urgency motion”, the congressmen refer to the urgent message that the Executive sent a few weeks ago and that allows the bill to begin its legislative transit through the first joint committees of the Senate and House.

The project is, for now, awaiting its first debate in the first committees of the Senate and the Chamber.

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