French students made fun of Mexico and canceled their stay in the country

In social networks, the case of two foreign students, from France, who were on an exchange at the University of La Salle Bajío, went viral, who through their social networks uploaded photos disrespecting the flag and making racist comments at the bottom of the images.

In two photographs published by the user maxime18p on Instagram, first posted a selfie with a footer that read: “First month with the indigenous”, and then translated it into their native language for those who did not understand Spanish: por les non-bilingues: primer mois chez les indigènes”.

In the second photograph, one of the foreigners is seen sitting on the toilet with the Mexican flag on his legs.

This caused annoyance to thousands of users, who did not hesitate to leave their comments about it: “Do these people study? Because I have been in Mexican towns and indigenous people have more values ​​and education than these ‘studied’”, “Why people he will go to countries he despises? I don’t understand” and “That they call us indigenous doesn’t bother me, I can proudly say that I have indigenous origin, but the lack of respect for our patriotic lábaro It is unforgivable”, were some of the comments they left.

In this sense, the De La Salle Bajío University issued a statement through its social networks in which it made it clear that after the events that went viral, by the two exchange students, the directors made the decision to “terminate the process of exchanging these young people; they will return to their institution of origin shortly, where they will receive the corresponding sanction”.

The institution’s decision was well received by netizens who expressed that they should not disrespect the country. On the other hand, the Lasallian University highlighted that for the moment several exchange students from France meetbut that they did not participate in “acts of disrespect for our national symbols”, for which, he mentioned, they deserve to be treated cordially.

One of those involved apologized in a Facebook group (Photo: Facebook/ Puro De La Salle Campestre!)

Likewise, the response of one of those involved in the events went viral. Via a Facebook post in the group Pure De La Salle Campestre!, in which the profile Mxime Tsr Perpoil wrote: “This message is to apologize for what happened, the pictures of my Insagram and my friend were very clumsy on our part. I got a lot of messages on Instagram and I can’t even blame you, but I promise you our goal was not to offend you.”

The same way, Maxime Tsr Perpoil He highlighted that they chose Mexico for an exchange to discover the country that they really enjoyed, finally, he pointed out that they spoke with the administration of the campus to express the mistakes they made and show your regret“we are really sorry”, he finished.

Article 192 states that the improper use of the National Shield is punishable by imprisonment and a fine (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Article 192 states that the improper use of the National Shield is punishable by imprisonment and a fine (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

Despite the apologies, hundreds of users pointed out that they were not enough, since according to the Federal Penal Code, it contemplates a sanction for outrage against national insignia (the Coat of Arms, the Flag and the National Anthem).

In accordance with article 191, it is established that the person who “offends the coat of arms of the Republic or the national flag, whether by word or deed, will be applied six months to four years in prison or a fine of 50 to 3 thousand pesos and even both sanctions in the judgment of the judge”.


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