They close social networks of Gary Johnston, linked to Angie

Bay Islands, Honduras. Gary Lee Johnston, an American accused of sexual exploitation and linked to the disappearance of Angie Penaclosed his social networks in the last hours.

The foreigner is confined in the El Progreso Penitentiary CenterYoro, and it is believed that he gave his email and password to his lawyer or a family member so that they could delete his social accounts.

His photos have gone viral and people have attacked him.

After his arrest came to light, the media and the general population found his Facebook profile and began to share his photographs.

According to their released images, Gary I spent a lot of time on the beaches of Roatán. Also, he shared with his friends. He was observed consuming alcoholic beverages and sometimes smoking a cigar.

Gary made it known through his postcards that he had a very luxurious life, because according to the investigations he is a businessman and owner of several properties on the island.



The man was dedicated to tourism in Roatán.

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Abroad He was arrested in Roatán and sent to the Court of First Instance with National Jurisdiction of San Pedro Sula, Cortés.

The authorities reported that when They captured the foreigner he was in the company of a minor whom he hid under the bed. Supposedly, the girl was given cell phones, clothes and money in exchange for having sex.

Initially, he was charged with the crime of human trafficking, but the victim’s testimony took a turn in the process after stating that he was 17 years old and was aware of what he was doing.



The foreigner enjoyed the nightlife very much, according to his profiles on networks.

At the hearing as early evidence, the minor He assured that he had had a romantic relationship with the defendant for six months. Furthermore, he claimed that she knowingly did so in exchange for money and gifts that he gave her.

Judge resigned from Gary’s case

The Deputy Minister of Security, Julia Villanuevaannounced that the judge who was handling the case of this American resigned and ruled after learning of this situation.

“It is unheard of and unacceptable. The judge of national jurisdiction waives the case of the foreigner accused of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Never seen before that the statement of the minor was being observed by the accused”wrote the official.

Likewise, Villanueva threatened to publish evidence about the American and his connection to the case of the young Angie Peña.

“The judge washes his hands and returns the case to Roatán,” Villanueva declared. In this sense, he assured that “If the judge does not accept the evidence, it will be made public.”

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