Venezuela produces 93% of the food it consumes

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Delcy Rodríguez affirmed this Friday, during her participation in the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg (Russia), that Venezuela went from importing 80% of food to producing 93% of what it consumes.

The official assured that the crisis generated by “the 502 unilateral coercive measures” imposed by the US and other countries led them to concentrate on production and seek mechanisms to emerge.

«In the year 2021, Venezuela gave its first lights of economic growth. How it was made? With awareness of our people. Things do not come by miracle, they come through the efforts of the Venezuelan people who dedicated themselves to the productive route. So we went from importing 80% of our food to producing 93% of the food that is consumed,” Rodríguez said.

He stressed that the more than 500 sanctions were “very targeted” to the area of ​​oil, finance and food. “It was the absolute suffocation of Venezuela through these economic extortion measures,” he said.

On the other hand, the vice president stated that the current reality has generated changes in the world economic systems and a “new economy.”

“This situation that the world is experiencing today, the energy crisis, the economic crisis, is because a new economy is brewing,” he assured.

Venezuela, in full economic recovery after seven years of decline, forecasts a growth of between 5 and 8% for this year, according to experts, who consider that the improvement will be irregular in the different sectors and difficult to maintain over time.

Economic activity, which has contracted 80% since 2013, responds positively to a change in the policies of the government of Nicolás Maduro, which has opened up to the dollar, after years of rejecting the currency, and to private investors, while reducing controls and interventions to companies, as explained by the economist Giorgio Cunto.

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