BBVA advice before buying an electric bicycle: Take note

The bycicle is a classic means of transport, which has been adapting to changing times. Now they are in fashion electric bikes either e bike. Thus, this type of bicycle incorporates a series of advantages for the citizens as a means of transport, although a series of elements must be taken into account, as reported by BBVA experts.

So far, the electric bikes are considered as pedal vehicles that incorporate a auxiliary electric motor. Said engine facilitates the work of displacement to the people who handle them. In other words, there is no specific regulation that regulates the circulation with the e-bike, but the same traffic regulations applicable to an electric bicycle must be respected.

Although experts from BBVA warn that motors powered by electricity from electric bikes they can never exceed 250 watts of power. Thus, cyclists using a e bike they must slow down before reaching 25 kilometers per hour.

Tips for buying an e-bike

From BBVA they list a series of recommendations to take into account before proceeding to to buy a electric bicycle. They are elements that make a difference for a conveyance which currently has a price between 500 and 2,400 euros, depending on the model and its equipment.

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First of all, experts from BBVA recommend checking in which part of the electric bicycle engine is installed. Those with the motor in the center of the bike offer a more confident ride.

On the other hand, BBVA reports that it is essential to “check that the power of your new electric bicycle never exceeds the 250 wattssince from that figure it will be considered a motorcycle, which will force you to have a driver’s license to be able to ride it and to take out insurance ».

There are different models of e bike. Thus, it is important to know the use that each person will make of it before buying it. That is, if the user will use the bicycle in the city, for long journeys, mountains, countryside…etc. Depending on the utility, it will be more appropriate to acquire one or the other model, as is the case with the conventional bicycles.

More BBVA recommendations

Two other key points when choosing between various models of electric bicycle It is the autonomy and the battery recharging system. In this regard, since BBVA They comment that “removable batteries are more convenient, because they don’t force you to move the entire bike every time you go to charge it. Similarly, with a removable battery, you can remove it if you leave your bike parked on the street.”

Finally, it is always advisable to ride the bike a bit before buying it, to ensure that it offers the necessary comfort and is easy to ride. Thus, it is always recommended that the electric bicycle It is not too bulky or heavy, so that it is not difficult to handle it without the auxiliary engine.

As with other conventional vehicles, the purchase and sale of e bike secondhand. It is a cheaper way to acquire one of these bicycles, which are increasingly common in cities for the movement of citizens.

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