Ready for Pantera’s “reunion” with new lineup?

As we all know well, the only two former Pantera members still in this world, Rex Brown Y Phil Anselm, will reunite for a tour in honor of the legendary band. All good with this; However, thousands of fans around the world have not been happy with the news because, for many, this meeting must have taken place several years ago when vinnie paul she was still alive.

Let us remember that the proposals were always there, even many times Zack Wylde He commented in interviews that a tour could be made with him and Anselmo, but Vinnie has never been taken into account because he, since the death of Dimebag, never wanted to know more about the former singer of his band since, as he is known, Vinnie has always has given the weight of his brother’s death to singer Phil Anselmo.


Phil Anselmo Rex Brown Panther Beer

Panther Reunion 2022

The news was revealed today through the Billboard website, who confirmed that the last steps are already being made to tour the United States with the last two members of Pantera alive, Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown. The two artists have signed with Artist Group International to carry out these special dates.

Until now, there is only that information provided by agents Dennis Arfa and Peter Pappalardo who are planning exclusive dates in the United States.

«We are thrilled to be working with such an iconic band and bringing their music back to fans.» said Pappalardo.

Pantera’s current manager is Scott McGhee of 1 Degree Music Entertainment. The legal representative of the band is Nick Ferrara And Associates. Additionally, he is booked internationally by Rod MacSween at ITB.

Zack Wylde

Zack Wylde

Who would integrate the band now?

As revealed by different specialized music media, Pantera would now be made up of Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante. Let’s keep in mind that Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante were great friends of the Abbott brothers. In different documentaries about Pantera you can see photos and videos of Pantera on tour with Anthrax enjoying their days off partying and in some other clips the members of Pantera enjoying themselves with Zakk in a competition of who could drink more beers… obviously, Dimebag always won. .

Charlie Benante Panther

Charlie Benante Panther

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