Johnny Depp reappears with a new look and surprises everyone

The legendary American actor has changed and renewed his look, leaving more than one impressed.

It has been possible to see Johnny Depp in the streets of Birmingham, UK, with the musician and partner JeffBeck, on his concert pass by United Kingdom. The interpreter of the iconic Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean that we all knew is back.

The actor appeared at the concert with a new and surprising look: shaved face, smile and much more youthful appearance, as he had accustomed us.

It all happened this Sunday during the Blues Festival of Helsinki, in Finland, after being spotted in the UK. On Sunday he took the stage with a much more renewed air.

The actor wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black vest, a hat, sunglasses, and thousands of necklaces and bracelets, as usual.

This look has surprised many fans, who can see how the actor feels much happier right now after winning the legal trial against his ex-wife, also an actress. Amber Heard.

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