A Cosplayer/TikToker Surprises Her Followers By Debuting In A Nopor Movie

Ichika Nihitomeborea cosplayer and Tiktoker who owns more than 173,000 followers, joins the list of “influencers” who have decided to make their debut in the “adult entertainment” industry. As expected, this has surprised her followers, who have been “excited” about the new path that the influencer is taking.

Cosplayer/TikToker “Ichika Nihitomebore” Surprises Her Fans By Making Her Movie Debut nopor

This whole story began on the official Twitter of the influencer «Ichika Nihitomebore«, who has been enthusiastic at the time of giving said announcement to his followers. Along with the announcement of her debut in JAV (Japanese Adult Video) movies, Ichika has also released information regarding the movie that she has starred in, revealing the official cover of the film, and her title.

“Ichika, a naughty girl with over, 170,000 followers who debuts in an adult film”.

Ichika Tiktoker Debut Nopor

Ichika Tiktoker Debut Nopor

It should be noted that this JAV movie has been released on June 20, and if you want to know about the content of Ichika Nihitomeborethen we will leave you some of his work (from TikTok).


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