BTS’s RM defeats Henry Cavill and becomes the most beautiful man in the world according to poll

The leader and rapper of bts has been named the most beautiful man in the world, according to a recent survey

Depending on the site T.C. Candler the member of BTS ‘Kim Nam-joon’ he crowns himself as the MOST handsome man in the world, massively cheering everyone up. ARMY.

The survey was based on public voting, so the ARMY and all his followers have been able to recognize the enormous qualities that the leader of BTS has as a person.

namjoon He is one of the most recognized idols in the entertainment industry. kpop, his enormous talent and personality have allowed him to conquer hearts around the world. All these qualities are more than enough to currently consider him the most handsome man in the world.

MR defeated in this poll the popular actor Henry Cavill, which was ranked #2 on the list.

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