The parties with excesses in which Amber Heard participated

After the final verdict of the trial of the year was reached, that is, the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, details of evidence, statements and arguments of the former Hollywood couple that had not been made public have been leaked.

The most recent revelation comes from the director of the House Inhabit website, Jessica Reed Krauswho assures that Amber hosted many parties since 2011, in which different personalities participated, including Elon Musk, with whom the star of Aquaman She had an alleged affair even though she was still married to Johnny at the time.

According to research conducted by the writer and influencerIt is known that these meetings were also attended by minors, who were an important part of the show.

Also, Jessica Reed mentions that the Show consisted of “a bunch of young girls rubbing each other in satanic-style leather outfits on stage” and that the themes of the parties were always sex, drugs and alcohol, of course, all to excess.

Reed Kraus added that Amber could be seen in a throne-like chair in the center with her legs spread, performing sexual acts to a room full of men watching.

It is understood that the reason for the actress’s presence at the aforementioned parties was to attract other young actresses, preferably lesbians. And before these facts, in the Twitter account, Juanito Saydescribes that when Amber’s ex-partner, Tasya Van Ree found out about these events, she terminated the relationship they had at that time.

amber and tasya

And it is that this type of meetings where the actress was seen sharing with men and women, surprised more than one, because the partner of a rock star, whose name he asked not to reveal, affirmed that he saw a video where what they seemed to be minors were in very compromising situations.

amber party

These statements were attributed to the photographs that Amber took with her 17-year-old assistant scantily clad. And although everything was consensual, the fact that minors are involved draws a lot of attention, since it is estimated that they were recruited by Heard.

amber and girls

On the other hand, the writer also talked about the relationship that Amber had with the CEO of Tesla. In this regard, she said that the actress had some control over Elon Musk. However, what her real motives are are unknown, since there is only a rumor that she knows or knows some dark secret about him and that is why the tycoon feels indebted to her.

musk and heard

The breakup of this couple was when things began to get cloudy, when he discovered that she was cheating on him and put hidden cameras and microphones in houses and cars that the actress frequented. On a certain occasion one of the girls who used to share intimacy with the couple said that it was very common to wake up and not remember anything about her, since they put some kind of drug in her drink without her consent.


This girl walked away from Amber when she attended one of these parties, accompanied by an actor with whom the actress had already been intimate, so Heard grabbed her by the neck threatening her and tore her dress with a corkscrew. It was Elon Musk himself who asked the young woman to get away from her, because she feared that she would really hurt him and he would have to fix the chaos once again.

Due to these events, the “loyalty” that the millionaire has towards Heard is not understandable. In fact, many of those familiar with the subject have speculated that the daughter of the actress could well be the owner of SpaceX. However, there is no convincing information to prove it.

amber and elon

Since her article was published, Jessica Reed Kraus has gone public with the threats and attempts to silence her she has been receiving from apparent “power figures”. However, she assures that her medium, the Substack platform, supports her unconditionally to validate her right to freedom of expression.

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