The compromising video of Ricky Martin’s nephew

The compromising video of Ricky Martin’s nephew
The compromising video of Ricky Martin’s nephew

The lawyer of the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin again denied accusations against the artist and said his nephew suffers from “mental health issues”.

Specifically, Marty Singer has rejected the accusations of incest brought by Martin’s nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin.


He said that “unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with deep mental health issues.” “Ricky Martin, of course, has never been, and would never have been, involved in any type of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” he said.

After confirming a protection order against Ricky Martin, his brother, Erick Martin, revealed in a video, posted on social media, that the accusing party was the 21-year-old, of whom he said He has “mental problems” and undermined the credibility of the accusations he has made against the artist.

“This is a message for my dear nephew, that I love him dearly and his family loves him dearly. That he has mental problems is another 20 pesos. We have been fighting all our lives for that. But that is not known why he remains silent. I’m already tired of being silent and if the cricket pot was uncovered. ANDThat is why I have always said: be very careful with Law 54 (on domestic violence). Not everyone who uses the protection law is the one who is telling the truth», Were the words of the singer’s brother.

Erick added that Dennis has moved away from the family and that they have always tried to support him. Under that argument, he tried to emphasize that the accusations are false.

Nevertheless, Now a compromising video has been leaked, in which Ricky Martin’s nephew appears with Erick sharing in a restaurant in Miami (United States). Although it is not clear when the images date from, it is speculated that it was several years ago.

The images would show that the relationship between them was not always bad. Meanwhile, on social networks, speculation has already begun as to whether this video detracts from the credibility of Erick and Ricky’s words.

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